General Knowledge 10

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1) Warsaw is the capital of Poland.

2) Synonyms of ASSUME (فرض کرنا – Farz-karna) are conjecture, presume, suppose, hypothesize, speculate, postulate, affect, pretend, undertake, takeover.

3) Ice-cream was first produced in the 17th century in Italy.

4) Synonyms of ATROPHY (کمزوری – Kamzori) are decay, dwindle, waste, shrink, deteriorate, shrivel, wither, degenerate, wither.

5) Kyukyu Island chain lies between two countries Japan & Taiwan.

6) Synonyms of ATTENDANT (خدمت گار – Khidmat Gaar) are escort, aide, usher, steward, waiter, porter, assistant, companion, menial.

7) Farouk was the last king of Egypt.

8) Synonyms of ATTIRE (زيب تَن کَرنا – Zaib Tan Karna) are robes, outfit, clothes, dress, costume, garments, apparel.

9) Badminton is the national sport of Malaysia and Indonesia.

10) Synonyms of AUDACIOUS (بہادر , بے باک – Bay Baak , Bahadur) are valiant, daring, brave, courageous, fearless, dauntless, chivalrous.


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