General Knowledge 9

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1) Vienna is the capital of Austria.

2) Synonyms of ARCHIVES (دستاویز رکھنے کی جگہ) are chronicles, records, annals, registers, accounts, documents, file, log, catalogue, store.

3) Jakarta, Asian capital city was known as Batavia until 1949.

4) Synonyms of ARTICULATE (بیان کرنا) are express, persuasive, lucid, eloquent, communicative, expressive, stated clearly.

5) Antarctica is the world’s windiest continent.

6) Synonyms of ASCETIC (راھب) are self-diner, abstemious, austere, dervish, faqir, sufi, recluse, hermit, stoic.

7) Shoulder, part of the body are the deltoid muscles.

8) Synonyms of ASPERSION (بوچھاڑ) are smears, censure, slander, blemish, defamation, execration.

9) Strasbourg, French city is a meeting place for the European Parliament.

10) Synonyms of ASSIMILATE (جذب کرنا) are adapt, incorporate, accustom, absorb, homogenize, conform, perceive, understand.


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