General Knowledge 8

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1) Shark is the dogfish.

2) Synonyms of ARBITER (جج , فیصلہ کرنے والا) are judge, umpire, refree, moderator, determiner, mediator, authority.

3) Korea (north korea and south korea) was divided at the 38th parallel after World War II.

4) Synonyms of ARBOREAL (شجر) are timbered, branchy, woody, forested.

5) Biathlon is the name of the Winter Olympics event that combines cross-country skiing and shooting.

6) Synonyms of ARC (خم دار ہونا , قوس) are angle, bend, bow, arch, curve, turn, rotate, curl, swerve.

7) Hippopotamus is an African animal name which means ‘river horse’.

8) Synonyms of ARCANE (پراسرار) are mysterious, occult, uncanny, enigmatic, secret, concealed, obscure, covert, abtruse, opaque.

9) Sikhism was founded by Guru Nanak.

10) Synonyms of ARCH (گنبد , قوس) are dome, sweep, vault, curve, bow, bend, semicircle, arc.


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