General Knowledge 7

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💡 General Knowledge

1) Mother Teresa won the Nobel Prize for peace in 1979.

2) Synonyms of ANTAGONIST (حریف) are foe, rival, adversary, contestant, hostile, opponent, enemy, competitor, challenger, contender.

3) Albert Einstein was named ‘Person of the Century’ by Time Magazine.

4) Synonyms of ANTERIOR (سامنے کا حِصّہ) are front, forepart, foremost part, precending.

5) Christopher Columbus sailed in Santa Maria.

6) Synonyms of ANTIBODY (جراثیم کو تلف کرنے والا) are vaccine, immunizer, neutralizer, antipoison.

5) Madagascar was formerly known as Malagasy Republic.

6) Synonyms of APATHY (بے حسی) are placidity, solidity, indifference, lack of interest, unconcern, passiveness, phlegm.

7) Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia.

8) Synonyms of APERTURE (سوراخ , شگاف) are fissure, gap, opening, hole, space, slit, slot, vent, vent, passage, breach, crack.

9) Casablanca is a North African city literally means ‘white house’.

10) Synonyms of APPREHENSION (اندیشہ) are consternation, fear, anxiety,, premonition, palpitation, seize, arrest, capture, understanding, comprehension, acumen, sensibility.


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