General Knowledge 6

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💡 General Knowledge

1) Rome is an Italian city which was originally built on seven hills.

2) Synonyms of AMORPHOUS (بے ڈھنگا , بے شکل) are vague, nondescript, shapeless, indefinite, indeterminate, unstructured, formless, characterless.

3) Manama is the capital of Bahrain.

4) Synonyms of ANALOGUE (ہم شکل , مشابہ) are representation, resemblance, likeness, counterpart, parallel, equivalent.

5) The pendulum clock was invented in 1656 by Christian Huygens.

6) Synonyms of ANALYZED (تجزیہ کرنا) are inspected, examined, surveyed, scanned, studied, reviewed, scrutinized, resolved, separated, divided, tested, disintegrated.

5) Atacama (Chile) desert is the world’s driest place.

6) Synonyms of ANEURYSM (شریانی پھیلاؤ) are bulge, swelling, lump.

7) The Red Sea is the world’s saltiest sea.

8) Synonyms of ANGLE (زاویہ) are gradient, slant, inclination, arc, phase, standpoint, side.

9) The Baltic Sea is the least salty sea.

10) Synonyms of ANOMALY (بے قاعدگی) are peculiarity, exception, eccentricity, abnormality, oddity, deviation, diversion, freak, departure, aberration.


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