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💡 General Knowledge

1) April is the month of the year which obtains its name from the Latin verb for ‘to open’.

2) Synonyms of ALLAY (کم کرنا) are attenuate, pacify, calm, soothe, lessen, dimish, ease, relieve, appease, mitigate, assuage.

3) Rome stands on Tiber River.

4) Synonyms of ALTRUISTICY (بے لوث) are chivalrous, selfless, generous, humanitarian, charitable, benevolent, philanthropic, humane, magnanimous.

5) Mali, was formerly called French Sudan.

6) Synonyms of AMBULATORY (گُزَرگاہ) are mobile, roaming, nomadic, gypsy, movable, itinerant, outpatient, getthing well.

7) Water polo sport was originally called ‘soccer-in-water’.

8) Synonyms of AMELIORATE (بہتر کرنا , سدھارنا) are better, mend, improve, reform, refine, boost, redress, elevate, hone, enhance, mitigate.

9) Carat is the unit of measurement which is derived from the Arabic quirrat, meaning seed.

10) Synonyms of AMENITIES (آسائشیں) are benefits, conveniences, facilities, comforts, pleasantness, niceties, luxuries.


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