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1) After World War I, Transylvania became part of Romania.

2) Synonyms of ADMONITION (تاکید) are reprimand, rebuke, scolding, censure, reproof, chiding, reproval, exhortation, harangue, berating.

3)The Baltic Sea in Northern Europe is bounded by several countries including Sweden, Finland, Poland and Germany.

4) Synonyms of ADROITNESS (ہوشیاری) are efficiency, skill, craft, expertise, mastery, talent, accomplishment, command, proficiency, ability, prowess.

5)Argentina and Uruguay, two countries are either side of the mouth of the River Plate.

6) Synonyms of AFFECT (اثر کرنا) are alter, influence, impact, change, pretend, pose, feign, assume.

7)Thames is the longest river solely in England.

8) Synonyms of AFFINITY (تعلق) are affection, freemasonry, attraction, liking, sympathy, nexus, rapport, empathy.

9)Nine innings are there for each team in a game of baseball.

10) Synonyms of ALACRITY (پھرتی , چستی) are eagernes, brsikness, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, animation, zeal, zest, keeness, fervor, avidity.


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