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💡 General Knowledge

1) Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey are the three countries, apart from the former Yugoslavia, share borders with Greece.

2) Synonyms of ACQUIESCE (متفق ہونا) yield, consent, agree, surrender, give in, comply, accede, conform, succumb.

3) Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine are six countries border the Black Sea.

4) Synonyms of ACUMEN (باریک بینی) sagacity, discerment, subtelty, foresight, intelligence, wisdom, wit, perspicacity.

5) AOL stand for America Online. AOL is an internet service provider.

6) Synonyms of ACUPUNCTURE (سوئیوں کا علاج) healing, remedy, treatment, therapy, cure.

7) Anne Boleyn, English queen had an extra finger on her hand.

8) Synonyms of ADDLED (کند ذہن) dazed, bewlidered, confused, puzzled, baffled, confounded, rotten, spoiled, putrid.

9) Apart from America, China is the only country in the world to which alligators are native.

10) Synonyms of ADJACENT (ملا ہوا, ملحق) neighbouring, adjoining, close to, near to, beside, attached to, contiguous with.


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Share with love 💡 General Knowledge 1) After World War I, Transylvania became part of Romania. 2) Synonyms of ADMONITION (تاکید) are reprimand, rebuke, scolding, censure, reproof, chiding, reproval, exhortation, harangue, berating. 3)The Baltic Sea in Northern Europe is bounded by several countries including Sweden, Finland, Poland and Germany. 4) […]
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