General Knowledge 21

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💡 General Knowledge

1) “The Great Bear lake” is situated in Canada.

2) Synonyms of Celestial (آسمانی – Aasmaani) are spiritual, sublime, supernatural, immortal, otherworldly, angelic, divine, ethereal.

3) “Edmund Hillary” is the first man who successfully climbed Mt. Everest in 1953.

4) Synonyms of Celibacy (کنوار پن – Kanwaar Pan) are impotence, maidenhood, purity, singleness, virginity, virtue, chastity.

5) “Ferdinand Magellan” was the first man to sail round the world.

6) Synonyms of Cemetery (قبرستان – Qabaristan) are mortuary, graveyard, garden, catacomb, charnel.

7) “Origin of Species” was written by Charles Darwin.

8) Synonyms of Cementation (فولاد جیسا – Folaad Jaisa) are ontinuity, integrity, rationality, solidarity, unity, consistency, comprehensibility, concordance.

9) “Sir Francis Moody” was the first Governor of Punjab from August 1947 to August 1949.

10) Synonyms of Center (مرکز , وسط – Wast, Markaz) are heart, hub, place, axis, centrality, centriole, centrum, core, cynosure, essence, focus.


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General Knowledge 21

Mon Jan 11 , 2021
Share with love 💡 General Knowledge 1) ““Alexander”” the Great was the king of Macedonia. 2) Synonyms of Central (کلیدی – Kaleedi) are important, basic, essential, fundamental, middle, midway, pivotal, significant. 3) “Britain parliament” is called mother of parliaments. 4) Synonyms of Century (صدی – Sadi) are centenary, centennial, centurial.
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