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1) “Kahuta Labortries” established in 1976.

2) Synonyms of Cedar (دیودار , دیار – Deodar, Dayar) are evergreen, deodar, sabine, savin, wood.

3) “Nuclear power plant” in Pakistan was established in 1972 with help of Canada.

4) Synonyms of Ceiling (چھت – Chatt) are housetop, roof, plaster, plafond, planchement.

5) “Durand line” was demacrated in 1893 which lies between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

6) Synonyms of Celebrate (جشن منانا – Jashan Manaana) are praise, perform, bless, laud, honor, glorify, feast.

7) “Pakistan’s” first missile is Hatf-I.

8) Synonyms of Cell (خلیہ – Khulia) are unit, egg, germ, spore, embryo.

9) “Oldest monarchy” is in Japan.

10) Synonyms of Cellar (تہہ خانہ – Teh Khaana) are basement, vault, subbasement, subterrane, underground room.


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