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1) “Yangtze Kiang” is the largest river of Asia (china).

2) Synonyms of Cackle (کڑکڑ – Kurr Kurr) are giggle, gibber, snicker, chuckle, guffaw, gobble, cluck.

3) “Share of Punjab” in Pakistan by area is 25.8%.

4) Synonyms of Cache (مخفی ذخیرہ – Makhfi Zakheera) are stash, storehouse, hiding place, hoard, hideout, repository.

5) “Ibne Batuta” came in India from Morroco.

6) Synonyms of Cadence (خوش نوائی – Khush Nawaaii) are tempo, lilt, inflection, rhythmus, intonation.

7) “Pedagogy” is the study of teaching.

8) Synonyms of Cadre (عملہ – Amlaa) are force, staff, personnel, framework, infrastructure.

9) “After USA arms exporter,” Russia is the second largest exporter of arms.

10) Synonyms of Cease (رکنا – Rukna) are stop, desist, halt, fail, quit, refrain, break off, terminate.


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