General Knowledge 18

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1) “Venice” is called “city of canals”.

2) Synonyms of Blackmail (ناحق فائدہ – Nahaq Faida) are bribe, bribery, extortion, exaction, milking.

3) Real name of Tipu Sultan was “Fateh Ali”.

4) Synonyms of Boarding (اقامت گاہ – Aqaamat Ghah) are accommodate, put up, bed, canton, feed, harbor, house, lodge, quarter.

5) Monaco has the shortest and Canada has the largest coastline country in the world.

6) Synonyms of Boast (شیخی , غرور – Sheikhi, Gharoor) are exaggeration, gasconade, grandiloquence, heroics, bluster, avowal, bombast.

7) “Land of Maple Leaf” is the nickname of Canada.

8) Synonyms of Cabin (چھوٹا کمرہ – Chotta Kamra) are camp, chalet, box, hut, lodge, compartment, shed, shelter, room, shack.

9) “Sick Man of Europe” is called Turkey.

10) Synonyms of Cabinet (تجوری – Tijori) are case, chiffonier, closet, commode, container, depository.


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