General Knowledge 17

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💡 General Knowledge

1) “ITAR-TASS” is a news agency of Russia.

2) Synonyms of Beam (شہتیر – Shehteer) are sill, girder, timber, piling, pole, plank, pillar, shaft, boom, balk, brace.

3) “Old man and the Sea” was written by Heming way.

4) Synonyms of Bearable (قابل برداشت – Qaabal-e-Bardaasht) are tolerable, satisfactory, livable, manageable, allowable, passable.

5) “Burma” is the old name of Myanmar.

6) Synonyms of Bias (طرف داری – Taraf Daari) are tilt, bent, unfairness, bigotry, favoritism, preference, leaning, prejudice.

7) “Muhammadan Educational Conference” was established in 1886 by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

8) Synonyms of Blacking (کالا پالش – Kaala Polish) are crush, injure, mar, wound, bang up, batter, blacken.

9) “Pakistan” lies of the tropic zone of North.

10) Synonyms of Blacklist (سیاہ فہرست – Sayyah Fehrist) are reject, banish, blackball, expel, ostracize, snub, bar, boycott, debar.


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