General Knowledge 16

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💡 General Knowledge

1) “Abdullah Haroon” supported Pakistan resolution from sindh province.

2) Synonyms of Braid (چوٹی باندھنا – Chotti Baandhna) are ponytail, pigtail, plait, queue.

3) “Ch. Rehmat Ali” coined word Pakistan in “Now or Never” pamphlet in 1933.

4) Synonyms of Brain (دَماغ – Damaagh) are mind, intellect, genius, sage, scholar.

5) “Largest Muslim country in Africa by population is Nigeria” and Algeria is largest Muslim country by area.

6) Synonyms of Brainless (احمق – Ahmaq) are mindless, foolish, silly, witless, stupid, dumb, thoughtless.

7) “Sirilanka” is the highest literacy rate and highest per capita income among SAARC countries.

8) Synonyms of Bead (موتی – Moti) are dot, pellet, bubble, drop, bean, stone, driblet, particle.

9) “Bakhtar” is a news agency of Afghanistan.

10) Synonyms of Beak (چونچ – Chonch) are prow, nib, snout, nozzle, pecker.


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