General Knowledge 15

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💡 General Knowledge

1) “Afghanistan” opposed Pakistan’s membership in United Nations.

2) Synonyms of Booklet (کتابچہ , رسالہ – Kitab-Chaa, Rasaala) are brochure, leaflet, handout, flyer, tract, mailer.

3) “John Milton” was the author of “Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained”.

4) Synonyms of Brace (مضبوط کرنا , جکڑنا – Jakarrna, Mazboot Karna) are clamp, sprint, lever, arm, boom, band, bar, peg, grip, prop.

5) “Pathway to Pakistan” book was written by Ch khalique Zaman.

6) Synonyms of Bracelet (چوڑی , کَڑا , کنگن – Choorri, Karraa, Kangan) are ornament, trinket, armlet, bangle, circlet, manacle, wristlet, arm band.

7) “Green peace” headquarter is located in Amsterdam.

8) Synonyms of Brackish (نمکین – Namkeen) are briny, saline, salted, salty.

9) “Doab between river Ravi” and Chenab is called Rachna Doab.

10) Synonyms of Brag (شیخی بگھارنا , ڈینگ مارنا – Shaikhi Baghaarna, Deang Maarna) are boast, gloat, exult, crow, vaunt, bluster, puff.


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Share with love 💡 General Knowledge 1) “Abdullah Haroon” supported Pakistan resolution from sindh province. 2) Synonyms of Braid (چوٹی باندھنا – Chotti Baandhna) are ponytail, pigtail, plait, queue. 3) “Ch. Rehmat Ali” coined word Pakistan in “Now or Never” pamphlet in 1933. 4) Synonyms of Brain (دَماغ – Damaagh) […]
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