General Knowledge 14

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💡 General Knowledge

1) “Leonardo Davinci” was the painter of Mona Lisa.

2) Synonyms of Bonafide (حقیقی – Haqeeqi) are actual, true, real, valid, authentic, valid, legitimate, honest.

3) “Neza-e-Sultan” is an extinct volcano located in Chagai District, Balochistan, have deep resources of Sulfur.

4) Synonyms of Bond (معاہدہ , بندھن – Muaa’hida, bandhan) are tie-in, binding, chain, hookup, tie, fetter.

5) “Yellow sea” is situated between China and Korea.

6) Synonyms of Bonus (انعام – Inaam) are benefit, perk, tip, plus, reward, prize, gift, goody, commission.

7) “Longest land boundary” is between two countries, USA and Canada.

8) Synonyms of Bonny (موٹا تازہ – Motta Taaza) are comely, handsome, fair,fine, strong, pretty, plump, sportive.

9) “Pakistan” become member of United Nations on 30th September 1947.

10) Synonyms of Boob (احمق , بے وقوف – Ahmaq, Be-waqoof) are goof, fool, dunce, jerk, goon, fathead.


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