General Knowledge 13

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1) “Vatican City” is the smallest country of the world.

2) Synonyms of Benign (مہربان – Meharbaan) are kind, caring, benevolent, gracious, compassionate, sympethic, considerate, cordial, empathic, inoffensive, harmless.

3) “Nokhundi” is the lowest rainfall area in Pakistan.

4) Synonyms of Bequeath (وصیت کرنا – Wasiat Karna) are will, leave, pass on, transfer, entrust, hand down, legate.

3) “Interfax” is the news agency of Russia.

4) Synonyms of Berate (سرزنش کرنا , ڈانٹنا – Sarzanash karna, Daanttna) are scold, rebuke, admonish, reprimand, censure, chide, upbraid, castigate, decry, harangue.

5) “Heathrow” is the seaport of London.

6) Synonyms of Basilica (باسليقی – Ba-saleeqi) are chapel, shrine, catherdral, large chuch, temple.

7) “Canada” is the largest producer of uranium.

8) Synonyms of Bombastic (بے جا عبارت آرائی – Beja Abaarat Araaii) are pompous, grandilouquent, grandiose, wordy, swollen, flowery, fustian.

9) “Netherlands” is situated below the sea level.

10) Synonyms of Bombard (گولا باری – Gola Baari) are blitz, open fire, beset, assail, besiege, catapult, launch, batter.


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