General Knowledge 12

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💡 General Knowledge

1) “Karakum desert” is located in Turkmenistan.

2) Synonyms of Barbaric (غیر مہذب – Ghair Mohazib) are ruthless, implacable, brutal, savaeg, merciless, pitiless, uncivilized, ferocious, remorseless, vicious, inhuman, unsophisticated.

3) “Minsk” is the capital of Belarus.

4) Synonyms of Barrier (رکاوٹ – Rukawat) are fence, hurdle, hindrance, obstacle, blockade, obstruction, block, impediment.

5) “Baht” is the currency of Thailand.

6) Synonyms of Belated (بعد از وقت – Baad az waqt) are dilatory, late, delayed, unpunctual, behind time, procrastinated.

7) “Fleet Street” is famous for newspapers.

8) Synonyms of Benediction (دعائے خیر – Dua-e-Khair) are prayer, blessing, sanctification, good wishes, invocation.

9) “Sikandar e Azam” belongs to Macedonia.

10) Synonyms of Beneficence (سخاوت , رحم دلی – Sakhaawat, Reham Dili) are harity, generosity, compassion, benevolence, philanthropy, altruism, largess, clemency.


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