General Knowledge 11

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💡 General Knowledge

1) “Victoria Fall” is in Rhodesia.

2) Synonyms of August (بہت اعلی – Bohat Aala) are magnificent, splendid, stately, grand, majestic, impressive, prestigious, glorious, dignified, venerable.

3) Greece is a World’s oldest democratic country.

4) Synonyms of AUSPICIOUS (ساز گار , نيک شَگُون – Saaz Gaarr, Nake Shagoon) are apt, good-omened, favourable, fortunate, promising, appropriate, optimistic, beneficial, felicitous, opportune.

5) After Sui, Mari is the second largest gas field in Pakistan.

6) Synonyms of AUTOMATED (خود کار – Khud Kaar) are spontaneous. mechanized, mechanical, programmed, computerized, electronic, robotic.

7) Australia is the largest wool produceing country.

8) Synonyms of AVID (دلدادہ – Dildada) are Keen, earnest, eager, devoted, enthusiastic, passionate, dedicated, voracious, insatiable.

9) “Baku” is the seaport on Black Sea.

10) Synonyms of AXIAL (محوری – Mehwari) are centre line, vertical, horizontal.


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