💡 General Knowledge 1) ““Alexander”” the Great was the king of Macedonia. 2) Synonyms of Central (کلیدی – Kaleedi) are important, basic, essential, fundamental, middle, midway, pivotal, significant. 3) “Britain parliament” is called mother of parliaments. 4) Synonyms of Century (صدی – Sadi) are centenary, centennial, centurial.

💡 General Knowledge 1) “The Great Bear lake” is situated in Canada. 2) Synonyms of Celestial (آسمانی – Aasmaani) are spiritual, sublime, supernatural, immortal, otherworldly, angelic, divine, ethereal. 3) “Edmund Hillary” is the first man who successfully climbed Mt. Everest in 1953. 4) Synonyms of Celibacy (کنوار پن – Kanwaar […]

💡 General Knowledge 1) “Kahuta Labortries” established in 1976. 2) Synonyms of Cedar (دیودار , دیار – Deodar, Dayar) are evergreen, deodar, sabine, savin, wood. 3) “Nuclear power plant” in Pakistan was established in 1972 with help of Canada. 4) Synonyms of Ceiling (چھت – Chatt) are housetop, roof, plaster, […]

💡 General Knowledge 1) “Yangtze Kiang” is the largest river of Asia (china). 2) Synonyms of Cackle (کڑکڑ – Kurr Kurr) are giggle, gibber, snicker, chuckle, guffaw, gobble, cluck. 3) “Share of Punjab” in Pakistan by area is 25.8%. 4) Synonyms of Cache (مخفی ذخیرہ – Makhfi Zakheera) are stash, […]

💡 General Knowledge 1) “Venice” is called “city of canals”. 2) Synonyms of Blackmail (ناحق فائدہ – Nahaq Faida) are bribe, bribery, extortion, exaction, milking. 3) Real name of Tipu Sultan was “Fateh Ali”. 4) Synonyms of Boarding (اقامت گاہ – Aqaamat Ghah) are accommodate, put up, bed, canton, feed, […]

💡 General Knowledge 1) “ITAR-TASS” is a news agency of Russia. 2) Synonyms of Beam (شہتیر – Shehteer) are sill, girder, timber, piling, pole, plank, pillar, shaft, boom, balk, brace. 3) “Old man and the Sea” was written by Heming way. 4) Synonyms of Bearable (قابل برداشت – Qaabal-e-Bardaasht) are […]

💡 General Knowledge 1) “Abdullah Haroon” supported Pakistan resolution from sindh province. 2) Synonyms of Braid (چوٹی باندھنا – Chotti Baandhna) are ponytail, pigtail, plait, queue. 3) “Ch. Rehmat Ali” coined word Pakistan in “Now or Never” pamphlet in 1933. 4) Synonyms of Brain (دَماغ – Damaagh) are mind, intellect, […]

💡 General Knowledge 1) “Afghanistan” opposed Pakistan’s membership in United Nations. 2) Synonyms of Booklet (کتابچہ , رسالہ – Kitab-Chaa, Rasaala) are brochure, leaflet, handout, flyer, tract, mailer. 3) “John Milton” was the author of “Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained”. 4) Synonyms of Brace (مضبوط کرنا , جکڑنا – Jakarrna, […]

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